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Get professional land grading services in Cedar City, UT and surrounding areas

We work in Utah and Arizona, reshaping your land to suit your needs

Unfortunately, land doesn't always come in the precise shape you want. But there's no reason to build on land that doesn't work for you. Whether you're just starting a new construction project or need to redesign your lot, you can call on JUD CO for land grading services.


We can grade any residential or commercial property in Cedar City, UT and surrounding areas and will reshape your land how you need it. You can also rely on us for land clearing, site prep and excavation work. Arrange for land clearing services by contacting us today!


Proper grading is essential for any building. Don’t skip grading your land because you can…

  • Make sure your property has proper drainage channels and reduce the risk of flooding
  • Keep water flowing away from your foundation to help prevent potential damage
  • Create a smooth surface to slow down runoff and reduce erosion across your property

Let the pros grade your land properly. Get in touch today at 928-968-5200.